Printmaking / Lithography March 11, 2023

A lithography print of a Popeye amputee.

Popeye the Veteran

In the midst of our bustling world, where heroes of yore fade into obscurity, one figure stands in stark contrast against the backdrop of our collective amnesia. Here, amidst the shadows of indifference, stands Popeye the Sailor, once the embodiment of unwavering strength and resilience.

In this poignant reinterpretation, Popeye emerges as a silent sentinel, a veteran of unseen battles. His once-mighty frame now bears the scars of sacrifice, his legs lost to the brutal toll of conflict.

Surrounded by a shroud of darkness, Popeye’s world is inhabited not by villains to vanquish, but by insidious phantoms of the mind. Anxiety, despair, and distrust manifest as miniature winged demons, gnawing at the edges of his existence. They are the unseen foes that haunt countless warriors long after the guns fall silent.

Here, Popeye’s cardboard plea for help is not just a call for charity, but a stark reminder of the veterans who walk amongst us, carrying burdens we can scarcely imagine. His eyes, once full of determination, now reflect a complex tapestry of emotions – resilience tinged with weariness, hope battling against the weight of memory.

In this artwork, we are asked to confront our preconceptions of heroism and strength. It challenges us to look beyond the surface, beyond the veneer of invincibility, and to recognize the enduring humanity that unites us all. Popeye the Sailor, in his altered form, embodies not just a character from folklore, but a testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity.

As we pass by, let us not forget the silent struggles of those who have served, whose battles continue long after the world has moved on. In their shadows, may we find the empathy to offer solace, and the compassion to acknowledge their unseen wounds.

Medium: Lithography on cotton paper

Dimensions: 7″ x 8″

Year Completed: 2012

Edition Size: 5

Editions Available For Sale: 1


2023 – Summer 2023 Quarterly Publication & ExhibitionDabster Arts Inc, Austin TX
2020 – 2020 Human Rights Exhibit , College of the Sequoias, Visalia CA

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