Lithography / Printmaking March 11, 2023

Lithograph named Origins of Alternative Facts.

Origins of Alternative Facts

Depicted is a crock of excrements spewed from the mouth of a politician, spun up and hyped by the media before being fed as red meat to the base. Kitchen table issues on a table that’s ready to topple under the mass of such a chaotic mess.

Medium: Lithograph and Watercolor

Dimensions: 11″ x 14″

Year Completed: 2022

Edition Size: 3 Variable Editions in Color, 28 in Black and White

Editions Available for Sale: 0 in Color, 3 in Black and White


2023 – Myrtle Press Print Exchange – Origins, Pence Gallery, Davis CA
2023 – California Printmakers: Tradition and Innovation, Arts Benicia Inc, Benicia CA
2023 – Summer 2023 Quarterly Publication & ExhibitionDabster Arts Inc, Austin TX

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